Friday, May. 13th 2016

A Dark Overland Park Kitchen Remodel

The day started out just like any other day.

Coffee first, of course!

Load the truck, hook up the trailer, a stop at the supply house, & go make an old, tired house look better….

I usually shy away from the term “old”, especially since I watched 50 zoom past into my rear view mirror. “Not as young as it used to be” is my preferred choice of terminology, but when the project such as we are starting today is almost as old as I am, I find that “old” just seems to be a much more accurate description.

Today we are starting on a journey to turn a very dark Overland Park kitchen remodel into a bright cheery space that will make meal preparation a joyful experience rather than just another chore to be done in a dungeon.

The backsplash and Formica countertops come out, and then the electrician comes in. Some under counter lighting is going to make this into a new kitchen even without the rest of the changes. Drywall is replaced and repaired, and the cabinet tops are scraped clean and made ready for the granite.

The indoor/outdoor carpeting makes an exit at this time too. So sorry to see that stuff go, but the age of that kitchen carpeting is going to make it hard to miss it. Not to mention the color of that stuff.

A huge visual change is when the granite goes in. Those guys do the heavy lifting, but is it ever worth it. The new surfaces make an enormous difference to the room, and with annual sealing and a bit of judicious care, they will last a lifetime.

The backsplash is then livened up with some new tile, and then grout. Sealer again, will keep things looking new for a long time.

The electrician makes a return and new outlets, switches, and the under counter lighting brighten everything in there. Can lights are changed from fluorescents to LED with some new trim, and what was old, now looks (and is) new again.

At this stage it was decided to freshen all of the paint in the room, a great decision as it turned out. Paint sometimes doesn’t look like it needs a facelift until you see the finished painted room and you wonder why you didn’t include that from the start.

The concrete slab floor gets a generous amount of leveling compound. Being a large area, a long broom is needed to spread this out into all corners, but does it ever help the tiling process.

After allowing that to cure, the time comes to lay out the floor.

Consideration is given to maximize the size of the tiles against each wall, and all indentations and anywhere that walls jut out, to avoid small tile pieces on the perimeter as much as possible.

The layout was also complicated by the tile being a discontinued color that the homeowners crossed Kansas to find what we hoped to be enough. We discussed the possibility of running out of tile if the layout caused excessive waste or if tiles had been broken in transit, and the result was that the 12×12 tiles were supplemented with  6×6 tiles in a diagonal pattern to conserve the larger tiles. End result was we ended up with extra tiles, but the discovery of 2 boxes with over half of the tiles broken, and other damaged corners along the way justified the decision to work in the second size of tile.

Once grouted & sealed, the result was awesome.

New base shoe was installed around the room and the appliances and sink were installed.

End result was an enormous change to a dated kitchen.

 A final clean-up and removal of all of my toys (tools) out of the garage, and back home again. 2 weeks and a dramatic change for the owners.


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“WOW! We were totally shocked to go into our hall bath and see JOCO Bath’s handy work.  The transformation from an old 80’s style bathroom to a bathroom that is modern was painless for us.  Brent was able to take our old bathroom and turn it into something worth showing off!  Thanks for all your hard work and the fantastic craftsmanship.”

James Family

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