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Brent is a Licensed Master Plumber, whose family has been in the service business in Johnson County for over 87 years. I’ve been in the service business in Johnson County for over 30 years.

It takes the right tools & a little experience, (and having enough time) to get any job done. If you should run short of any or all of these factors, please call.

What can we do for you?

  • Repair your faucets
  • Replace your faucets
  • Repair your toilets
  • Replace your toilets
  • Install a comfort height toilet
  • Install a safer shower valve
  • Replace your shower base
  • Install a new shower
  • Replace your bathtub
  • Patch your tile
  • Replace your tile
  • Tile a bathroom floor
  • Install new shut-off valves for your washing machine
  • Regrout and recaulk your bathroom

  • Replace your shower or bathtub doors
  • Install a 2nd water heater
  • Repair your current water heater
  • Find the leak from your bathroom fixture
  • Repair the cause of those leaks
  • Install a new vanity cabinet Install a new onyx sink-top for your bathroom cabinet
  • Re-start your garbage disposal
  • Replace your garbage disposal
  • Install new shut-off valves for your faucets or toilets
  • Replace a leaking main shut-off valve
  • Install a new shut-off for your humidifier or ice maker

  • Make your hot water recirculate so you don’t have to wait so long
  • Replace your drain traps
  • Replace the stoppers in your bathroom sinks
  • Install a whole-house water filtering system
  • Replace your sump pump
  • Install a battery operated sump pump
  • Dig & build a new sump pit if you don’t have one
  • Replace your outside hose faucet
  • Help thaw frozen pipes Locate a gas leak
  • Run a new gas line
  • Install a basement bathroom
  • Tile the backsplash above your kitchen countertop

What DON’T we do?

  • Open drains with an electric machine
  • Pump septic tanks




What’s Wrong With This Picture?


I run into interesting things all of the time. I finally have an outlet to share some of these installations with everyone.

What seemed like a good idea to someone years ago, just doesn’t pass muster after a closer look.

They probably got a newer, deeper sink at some point in time and the disposal just didn’t fit like it used too. Someone did not let that stop them. The  disposal itself and all of the white pipe are now the trap.

The disposal will rust out in no time, it cannot possibly grind well, and the huge trap will cause the water to drain very slowly.

Needless to say, we made it a LOT better before we left.



“WOW! We were totally shocked to go into our hall bath and see JOCO Bath’s handy work.  The transformation from an old 80’s style bathroom to a bathroom that is modern was painless for us.  Brent was able to take our old bathroom and turn it into something worth showing off!  Thanks for all your hard work and the fantastic craftsmanship.”

James Family

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“Brent Randall is not only a master plumber, he is a man of integrity and professionalism. He re-plumbed our entire house, a job which took many hours. He always called me in the morning to let me know when he would be arriving, and was respectful of my children’s nap times. Since then, he has done many other plumbing jobs for our family. He returns phone calls promptly, even on weekends. I would recommend Brent for any plumbing or remodeling job.”


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